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Macchina di rally: 1978 Alfetta GTV 2000 Grupo 2

Spain lives a real rush of Historic Navigation Rallyes. Numerous events are held every weekend with entries-lists that come easily to 50 vehicles. Minis, BMW and Porsches fill the closed-parks, being the other british, italian and french classics entered in notable few numbers. Anyway, it's easy to see Alfa Romeos, with Bertone designed 115 coupes and Spiders as the usual sight.


So if you see a dark rosso corse painted 116 Alfetta with black bonnets and huge Group 2 wheelarches, you can be sure that car is Jose Carlos Cabrera's Alfetta GTV Group 2 replica. Cabrera is a very active amateur driver, very old style, keeping his racing activity as part of life joys. He and his lifelong codriver, Eusebio Abascal, vere the first spanish team entry in the 80's Paris Dakar rally with a Poch Lada.

Now, far from Sahara sand and heat, their activity is focused into Historic rallying, and the option choosen was a much loved Alfa Romeo Alfetta GTV 2000, a rare "Delta" version. After some rallys, Jose Carlos decided it was time to step into a better prepared car loaded with top spec parts, capable to resist the toughtest stages and roads, giving strong performance and reability.

The work were consigned to Marvic Sport, a Ourense based falcility specialized in classic and modern rally cars. Once the to-do list was booked, the Alfetta was completely dismantled and its body revised, seam welded and painted, fitting a full FIA roll cage. Alfettas are not light cars, so it was mandatory to keep the car weight under 1000kg. To acchieve this goal, a glassfibre hood and hatch were choosen, and some parts of the rear structure removed.

A complete RS Racing setup with front coil-overs were the right option, with matching front and rear regulable RS Racing anti-roll bars. We have tested the car with this setup and it's pretty impresive with flat cronering, sure foot and predictable handling. Ride ir competition firm, so it's not a car for sunday runs of go shopping.

The engine was blue printed with new cams and CSC headers, reworked head fron better flow and 45mm Webers suppling fuel. A free flow exhaust gives teh car a characteristic rasp bark, a bit loud for some tastes and some legislations!!

Hear the Alfetta loud exhaust here, Rallye Clasico de Astiurias 2009, min 1:15:

The gearbox was changed not long ago for a complete 75 1.6 one with the stock shortest final ratio avaliable. LSD, of course.

The latest evolution fitted to this car was our Subito Corse Big Brake Setup, with 285mm AP Racing rotors, over custon aluminium hats. Stopping power is delivered by four pisto AP Racin calipers. All these kit fits nicely into the 15" Ronals, and Jose Carlos has reported a huge and impressive stopping power, high resistance to fadding and superb brake pedal feel.

This cars has a very celver feature at the trunk: a twin spare tyre recess, allowing to carry to spare tyres situated at very low position to contribute to handling. Also the fuel cell, inboard, was centered just over the axle line.

As you can see in the pictures below, this car is a fine machine, nicely put together to a very high standards, absolutely full race oriented with no concession to poseurs. A winning machine combining italian beauty and raw racing grunt. A must to see.

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