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1967 Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint Zagato, 1 of 105 made

Maybe the aesthetics are not for some tastes, but it's an opportunity to purchase one of the finest and rarest Alfa Romeos ever, the six cilinder 2600 Zagato. These Zagato’s were one of the rarest production Alfa’s ever made at 105 total cars produced.

1967 Alfa Romeo 2600 Zagato.
Chassis number 10612 AR 856047

Seller description:

The car is in very fine condition and from all accounts has never been rusty. The pictures in this ad were shot over the last 2 days so they are very current.

I purchased the car from Fantasy Junction in California around 4 years ago, where it was on consignment. The car was fairly and honestly represented and they were a delight to deal with. For the record, I have been very happy with the car, and very much enjoy the rare occasions I get time to drive and enjoy it. For what it is worth, I have been in sports car restoration business for well over 30 years. We specialize in mostly Italian made sports cars and know the challenges of ownership that go along with them. Having worked on plenty of 2600 Alfa’s and seen my share of good, and not so good cars, I was pretty particular when looking for a 2600Z.  They are difficult to find and most of the ones I have looked at over the years were or have seen rust.

The following is an overview of things that have been done over the last few years:

  • Car has been converted to Weber 40 DCOE carburetors. When I did there conversion I built a custom all steel cold air box that uses the factory air cleaner and cross pipe over with no modifications to them. The air box was powder coated and all hardware used in the conversion that was replaced was done in stainless. The new owner will also receive the original aluminum air box and Solex carbs, although why you would ever go back to them is a mystery to me.
  • The Complete Brakes system was completely rebuilt in California at the expense of the previous owner. This included the Master cylinder all 4 calipers and the booster the car also has all new pads and brake lines. This was done a little over 4 years ago and just before I bought the car.
  • New interior, Seats re upholstered with all new leather done to show quality very nicely. The interior features new carpets and headliner as well. The dash and console is very good to excellent.
  • Odometer indicates 35,152 miles, I can not say for sure that this is, or is not accurate. That said I would not be surprised if it was accurate.
  • The car has excellent Michelin 400 mm tires on all 4 of the Alloy rimed original factory Borani wheels. Note that the spare is a standard all steel 2600 wheel.
  • Very good to near excellent paint with very few chips and blemishes.
  • Front and rear glass as well as quarter windows are in excellent condition. The door glass and vent windows are plex as they were when I purchased the car.
  • The radiator has been re cored with an oversize core, for no overheat driving even in traffic. All new hoses in the last year including fuel hoses.
  • Engine compartment sides were stripped when the carbs radiator and hoses were all done and refinished in (DP90) to original semi gloss black.
  • Brake and clutch reservoirs were removed, and bead blasted, powder coated and rebuilt.
  • New correct VDO washer bag.

While not a show car per say this car is in incredible condition and has won its share of class awards over the last few years. While not a Pebble Beach concours car, it is very show worthy, and you would not be remotely embarrassed to show or drive the car to the Alfa National meet, and the car would be very well received.

The fuel gauge does not work, and dash lights are dim, and gauge faces are yellowed . Back up light needs to be re connected. Engine pulls strong and there is no excessive smoke, the transmission is excellent as well as the clutch. The car drives out great and is a pleasure to drive. Even after sitting for over 2 months with out being driven I turned on the ignition switch, let the fuel pumps fill the carbs and the car fired right up with little to no effort.

I have just purchased new door glass both sides for the car and they should be here in a few days... I will install them upon arrival... Been a long time looking for these...


Additional research indicates that this car was sold new in Frankfurt and came to the USA in 1971. The car was originally silver. Of the 105 cars built it is considered that about 40 cars have survived, and only 10 of them are roadworthy...

Sure had some great emails and conversations with other owners... Thanks to those of you for taking the time... That is one of the things that makes the whole old car hobby fun.

While there is plenty of surface rust on the center muffler it is still quite solid, but if this is a major thing for you I am happy to replace it. The pictures show the underside of the car and I believe reflect a very accurate story of the condition as do the door bottoms. NO bubbles no rust through present anywhere that I can find. The front lower valence is even straight and seems surprisingly free of much if any excess of body filler, this would be true of the rest of the car as well.

I hate to sell the car but I have too many other projects that demand attention and money being thrown at them, so something has to go. Not cheap but I would challenge you to find a nicer never rusted example. NO books, tools, or jack… (just the way I got it)

Vehicle must be paid in full with cleared certified funds or it will not leave NO EXCEPTIONS. Questions please feel free to call me, Jim 425 238 5317, day phone. More than happy to help you make your shipping arrangements but the expense of transport will be that of the buyer.

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