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For sale: 1959 Alfa Romeo Spider Touring 2000

Here is for sale a very nice 1959 Alfa Romeo Spider Touring 2000, a rare sight in Spain. SubitoCorse.com had the opportunity to check the car, and even not being a transaxle, this remarkable piece of fine Alfa art deserves to be quoted here.



These Type 102 series are commonly referred to by Alfa fanatics as the 'cast iron 2 litre', due to the car having a iron block instead of aluminum as traditionaly used in other Alfa models. The engine is a four cylinder, derived from the 1900 that powered the berlinas. It's a chain driven DOHC with hemispherical combustion chambers feed by two side-draft Solex carburetors, producing 115bhp. The transmission is a 5-speed with all synchro gears. Suspension was also typical Alfa, with A-arms in the front and a well located live axle.

This car is a great example of an old but very correct restoration during the early 1990's and was done as close to original specs as possible. The restoration is getting old, used with nice patina, so this is not a useless Concourse-Trailer-Queen-Do-Not-Touch but a very usable and daily enjoyable open tourer.

Some mistakes and faults must be corrected to get a perfect car. There is a small surface paint bubbling under the badge in rear trunk. The right front bumper corner shows some surface chrome pitting. The paint work is still good and looks nicely aged with no noticeably faults and will benefit from a light polish. A small ding at the nose must be repaired too. No chrome parts are missing, a important point, as these are getting scarce and expensive if eventually found.

The black vinyl interior is in great condition. Drive position is superb for a relaxed touring on your favourite coast road in summer. Floor gear change has a positive mechanical feel with few free play. Clutch pedal is rock solid and will need a hard shove. The 50's style thin steering wheel can be moved with one finger. A period Becker radio will look great instead of that horrible modern radio-CD, totally out of place in a 50's dash. Speakers are well hidden in the foot sides, a job well done. Alfa badged floor mats are a bit shot on driver side but replacements are avaliable. Doors open and close with vintage mechanical feel and that traditional italian "tunk" sound. Evocative 100%.

Steel wheels are correct, but not the wheel caps in our opinion (may be an aftermarket option??), while the rubbers are correct tiny Michelin X.

The underbody looks correctly sealed and shows no surface faults, but a closer inspection with the car lift will be mandatory.

Engine and engine bay are correct, clean, well detailed, with fluids in their levels. These cars were usually equipped with twin Solex carbs, but this unit shows a nice pair of period correct Webers (even they are not a paired number). The air filters are too modern for the car and look out of place. The Burman steering box has a little play and will need a fine adjustment. The numerous steeing joins will benefit from a change to get the correct fine steering response the 102 chassis gives.

The hood is correct, rebuilt in thick pack dark blue canvas with rear window in great condition. The car with the hood raised looks great too.

In sum, we saw a very correct, complete, solid and nice looking example. A ready to go car. A perfect unit to spent a couple of rainy weekends correcting the faults with some little work, which most of it can be done by yourself, like all true Alfisty must do. Then, you must choose your favourite coast country road and you will enjoy this quite rare piece of fine italian machinery, as just only 3,443 2 litre roadsters were built over a five year period by fine artisan Touring.

A 2600 six cilinder Spider may be more desirable, yes, but this car is far easier to maintain and ready to drive so, in our opinion, this 2000 it's a great value for the money.

Dealer: P. Castelos
Web site: Castelos MotorSport

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