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What's SubitoCorse?

GlobalSubitoCorse is an online resource truly devoted to classic transaxle Alfa Romeo cars. A source of info and help for owners and fans.

What we do?

GlobalWe try to compile and share useful info and documentation, creating a general knowledge to use, enjoy, maintain and race our cars.

What we offer?

GlobalWe develope brand new racing parts for all transaxle chassis type Alfa Romeo, as used by Autodelta and AlfaCorse works cars, both for rally and track.

Why only transaxle?

GlobalWe truly believe specialization is the key for classic car services. There're lots of Alfa relates websites but transaxle need their own resource.

Contact us

Template Feel free to contact us and email your questions. If you are looking for info or a part, we will be happy to help. Follow us in Facebook and Twitter

Alfetta/75 Solid to Vented Rear Caliper Conversion kits, latest test and preorders

SubitoCorse & Performatechnik - Performance Design Solutions are very pround to announce we have just finished the tests of the pre-production prototytes of our Alfetta/75 Solid to Vented Rear Caliper Conversion kits.

Today we release some pictures of the kit as we are planning to offer to our customers. The picture features (just half of) the Stage 2 kit, an option focused to repair your existing calipers and corvert them to vented discs.

Remember, we wil offer some stages of our kits:

  • Spacers, pins, o-rings & bolts x 2 set kit
  • Spacers, pins, o-rings, bolts & complete repair kit x 2set kit
  • Spacers, pins, o-rings, bolts, complete repair kit & brake disc (250mm Wilwood rotor + aluminium hat + nuts&bolts) x 2 set kit

Plenty of options to choose to suit your project car, for road, fast road, track days or club racing. Stay tuned for more info, prices and releases soon!

Best regards



Alfa nei rally, new book from Antonio Biasioli

A new book by Antonio Biasioli (IT) has just been released dedicated to one of the most forgotten parts of Alfa racing history: the rallyes. The book covers various models of Alfa Romeo which were rallyed all over the world from the 1960s to 1983.

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Brand new AP racing Alfetta Group 4 brake kits now avaliable at SubitoCorse

Fom now we just have avaliable for sale the historic AP Lockheed CP2271 monoblocl brake caliper, as used by Alfa Romeo Group 4 Turbodeltas as main front brake system, with 280/285mm vented rotors and 15" Campagnolo wheels. This set up was also used by Group A GTV6 and some early Alfa 75, both in track and rally applications.

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Nice Group A GTV6 2.5 for sale in France

For sale this nice prepareed Group A/2 rally Alfa Romeo GTV6. 2.5. Car is in France. As new, completed in 2010.

Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Original advert at rally24.com

Asking price is 35.000€.

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Group 4 Alfa Romeo GTV6, for sale in Italy

For sale in Italy a full prepared for Group 4 Alfa Romeo GTV6 2.5. The vehicle is healty, mechanically perfect and very well done. The car has close gear box five gear AUTODELTA. Original. Perfect original engine 160 CV the vehicle is perfectly prepared for a historical rally race and it is a Alfa Romeo 1981 GR.4 in Fiche de la Federation International de L'automobil.


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For sale: 1959 Alfa Romeo Spider Touring 2000

Here is for sale a very nice 1959 Alfa Romeo Spider Touring 2000, a rare sight in Spain. SubitoCorse.com had the opportunity to check the car, and even not being a transaxle, this remarkable piece of fine Alfa art deserves to be quoted here.


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