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What's SubitoCorse?

GlobalSubitoCorse is an online resource truly devoted to classic transaxle Alfa Romeo cars. A source of info and help for owners and fans.

What we do?

GlobalWe try to compile and share useful info and documentation, creating a general knowledge to use, enjoy, maintain and race our cars.

What we offer?

GlobalWe develope brand new racing parts for all transaxle chassis type Alfa Romeo, as used by Autodelta and AlfaCorse works cars, both for rally and track.

Why only transaxle?

GlobalWe truly believe specialization is the key for classic car services. There're lots of Alfa relates websites but transaxle need their own resource.

Contact us

Template Feel free to contact us and email your questions. If you are looking for info or a part, we will be happy to help. Follow us in Facebook and Twitter

April 2011 - We are back again

As you can see, we are back again online, with the website reworked, new graphics, new sections, more articles, more info and new internal organization. Things can grow now with better foundations, as we needed a strong system to contain and organize all the information.

We also rebuilt the e-shop, making it easier, faster and safer. We hope to add more products very soon, with some important new racing parts and bodykits to replicate Group 2 and Group 4 rally cars.

Best regards, Alvaro
SubitoCorse HeadHoncho

June 2010 - Alfa future at Villa D'Este

Last month we were pleasantly surprised by a superb prototype presente at the anual show at Villa D'Este. The TZ3, a personal special order by german enthusiast Martin Kapp, was the major attraction at the show, this year with very few new models presented.

The Tubolare Zagato 3 is trully a tribute to the glorious TZ1 and TZ2 models, with lots of details stolen or borrowed from both models. TZ3 front end is crearly TZ2 inspired, with low agressive line while rear end is clearly inspired in TZ1. Both concepts are brilliantly fused in to one consistent design. It's a pitty this beautiful cars will stay as a one-off.

The question is if this Alfa special, powered by Ferrari/Maserati V8 powerplant, is another light in the dark tunnel Alfa is into or is just the last dance. The relationship with FIAT, with a narrow market focused on sporty but dull berlinas with front wheel drive, is killing Alfa. The Milanese manufacturer is going down by the same way as Lancia did some years ago, reduced into FIAT range to a anecdotic production to die hard fans and special taste clients. Does FIAT deserve the same future for Alfa? We don't know, but special works like this TZ3 allow the fanatics to share a last hope for Alfa Romeo.

Best regards, Alvaro
SubitoCorse HeadHoncho

Welcome to SubitoCorse.com

SubitoCorse.com is a new online resource oriented to classic Alfa Romeo cars, and other fine italin machinery too. We are specialized in 116 and 162 Alfa Series, all the classic transaxle Alfa Romeos: Alfetta Coupe and Sedan, GTV6, Nuova Giulietta, Alfa 6, 90 and 75/Milano.

Here you will find a usefull and easy way to get and share information about your favourite cars, see the activities of fans, owners, racers and contributors related to Alfa Romeo transaxle cars worldwide. SubitoCorse.com offers an interesting overview on featured articles, community accomplishments, learning topics, and project updates each month.

Joomla! LogoSubitoCorse.com gives support to the owner and affectionate, providing usefull information, guides, factory paperwork, books, magazines, documentation and easy access to the general knowledge and experience compiled during years about our cars.

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