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What's SubitoCorse?

GlobalSubitoCorse is an online resource truly devoted to classic transaxle Alfa Romeo cars. A source of info and help for owners and fans.

What we do?

GlobalWe try to compile and share useful info and documentation, creating a general knowledge to use, enjoy, maintain and race our cars.

What we offer?

GlobalWe develope brand new racing parts for all transaxle chassis type Alfa Romeo, as used by Autodelta and AlfaCorse works cars, both for rally and track.

Why only transaxle?

GlobalWe truly believe specialization is the key for classic car services. There're lots of Alfa relates websites but transaxle need their own resource.

Contact us

Template Feel free to contact us and email your questions. If you are looking for info or a part, we will be happy to help. Follow us in Facebook and Twitter

Alfa Romeo 75/Milano Automatic gearbox

There is a common missinformation: there are no Automatic transaxle Alfa Romeos. This is not true. They are very rare to view and were sold mainly in USA, SouthAfrica and Australia.

The transmission, made by ZF, was pretty similar to manual gearboxes and they fit directly with no much mods to do.

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Alfa Romeo GTV6 2.5

The Alfa Romeo GTV6 2.5 is a version of the GTV with the SOHC V6 2.5 L engine from the Alfa 6 luxury sedan, was released. As a result the hood received a bulge to clear the top of the intake and became its most pronounced feature. With Bosch fuel injection instead of the six downdraught Dell'Orto carburettors in the early Alfa 6 installation, the V6 was much easier to start and retained its state of tune much better.

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The V6 received rave reviews from the motoring press, which had previously lambasted the same engine in the Alfa 6 because of the carburettor problems. It found its true home in the GTV-6 where it could stretch its legs better than in the less sporting Alfa 6 sedan, including winning the European Touring Car Championship an unprecedented four years in succession (1982–85), the British Touring Car Championship in 1983 at the hands of Andy Rouse, as well as many other racing and rallying competitions. The fuel injection installation eventually made it into the second series of the Alfa 6 as well. The GTV went through a number of revisions, including a new gear ratios and an updated interior in 1984.

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Alfa Romeo Alfetta Turbodelta Gp. 4

In 1974, Alfa Romeo introduced the new model Alfetta GT. Initiali, this car was designed to subtitute the agein Bertone desined 105 series. The new Alfetta model was an entirely new design and the package include some tecnical features only seen on racin Alfas in the 50's: the transaxle set up for the transmission.

Initially, the Alfetta was powered by the 1.8 litres (1779cc) all alloy DOHC Alfa engine. Then in 1976, a 1.6 (1570cc) was also introduced, and in 1978, finaly the GTV 2000 was listed, powered by the 1962cc, boosting 130bhp. The Alfetta GT designation was for 1.6 and 1.8 versions, while the GTV denomination was reserved for the powerful "two litre". In 1979, the 2.0 engine was revised, with new camshaft profiles, new ignition and some interior changes. This model was designed GTV 2000 L, and was mainly exported to USA.

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Alfa easy engine identification

Alfa TwinCam engineThe four cilinder twin-cam all-aluminium Alfa engine is one of the most modified ever with lots of variants produced over the years, ranging from 1.3 litres to 2.0 and some experimental 2.1 litres corsa engines. Normaly aspirated, with one single to two double barrel carburettors, to supercharged and turboed, like the late Alfa 75 1.8 Turbo Evoluzione.

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Alfa Romeo SZ (ES30 series)

The Alfa Romeo SZ (Sprint Zagato) or ES-30 (Experimental Sportscar 3.0 litre) was a high performance limited production sports car/road-concept car built between 1989 and 1991 with partnership via Centro Stile Zagato, Centro Stile Alfa Romeo and Centro Stile Fiat.

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Alfa Romeo 90 (162A series)

The Alfa Romeo 90 is an executive car produced by the Italian automaker Alfa Romeo between 1984 and 1987. Designed by Bertone and introduced at the 1984 Turin Motor Show, the 90 was pitched between the Alfa Romeo Alfetta and the Alfa Romeo Alfa 6, both of which were soon discontinued after the 90's launch.

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