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What's SubitoCorse?

GlobalSubitoCorse is an online resource truly devoted to classic transaxle Alfa Romeo cars. A source of info and help for owners and fans.

What we do?

GlobalWe try to compile and share useful info and documentation, creating a general knowledge to use, enjoy, maintain and race our cars.

What we offer?

GlobalWe develope brand new racing parts for all transaxle chassis type Alfa Romeo, as used by Autodelta and AlfaCorse works cars, both for rally and track.

Why only transaxle?

GlobalWe truly believe specialization is the key for classic car services. There're lots of Alfa relates websites but transaxle need their own resource.

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Template Feel free to contact us and email your questions. If you are looking for info or a part, we will be happy to help. Follow us in Facebook and Twitter

1989 Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo Evoluzione ex-JollyClub Group A racer

This car is old racer with the g'old days long gone. After bought it we discovered it had an interesting race history and some good rare Autodelta parts. We brought the car home and started a slow restoration. In 2011 we hope to have the car finished.

This blog will compile all the news about the restoration process of this 1987 ex-Jolly-Club Alfa Romeo 75 Turbo Evoluzione Group A racer.

More paint stripping

This weekend we tried to get all the interior paint stripped. Faliled, but at least work progressed. We also sourced another 1.6 short ratio gearbox and the matching engine, so no time to work on the car. Now, the idea is to have all the white paint removed, and then, cut the supports of the old rollcage, get the surfaces OK and start building the new Group A full rollcage. We found the correct model for the rollcage in the FIA papers. It was the most advanced structure, used in the latest Group A Evoluziones.

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Fitting front wings

The original Evo steel front wings with riveted extensions will be replaced with one-piece fiberglass ones. These parts came from a Veloce kit and will require a bit or cut and shape in the lower back of the wheelarch to fit with the sideskirt. They are the best option for a racer: light, strong and can be completely removed by unscrewing a couple of bolts.

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Paint stripping - Interiors

With the booltid almost done, the paint stripping tast moved to the inteior. The same couple of coats of white paint were present too so these coats must be removed to the original gret base coat.

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Comparing Evo and Veloce front bumpers

We have a Veloce front bumper a were very curious to have it compared with the original Evo. If you see them separately you can think they are pretty the same. Error. There are huge differences.

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Cleaning the boot lid

The following task was cleaning the bootlid. The car had a couple of coats of white paint. The intention is to paint the interiors in grey, as the Autodelta works racers, so these white pait must be removed.

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Evoluzione kit found

This car body was sourced from a normal 2000 carbed engined 75. The crashed original Evoluzione was a donor due to extensive damage. All Evo parts were transfered to this body, but the distintive Evo bodykit was not in great shape and never was fitted. That's the reason why this car appears in some pictures with no wheelarches, or with TS lookalike parts.

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